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What is the CTM? The CTM (Certificate of Tour Management) is proof of the existing skills and competencies as a Tour Manager/Tour Guide and provides a prestigious qualification. This qualification is awarded by IVOR (Institute for Education in the Travel World). IVOR is a recognized tourist training institute that is offering the 2-day, CTM training course.

The aim of this CTM training is to:

- gain understanding into group processes

- becoming aware of your professional role as Tour Manager

- use your communication skills in such a way that you can guide your group as efficiently as possible

- use your communications skills in a targeted manner to prevent or resolve conflicts

- give and receive feedback during discussion sessions

Topics that will be discussed include:

- to gain understanding into your own communication skills

- skills for Tour Managers

- behaviour/expectations

- feedback

- dealing with resistance/bad news conversation

- problem solving conversation

- styles of management

- group processes

It is important to know that this is NOT a course for those who wish to become Tour Managers/Tour Guides. Those wishing to enter the profession should enquire with their local Travel Industry authorities or write directly to Tour Operators who may provide training.

IATM Tour Managers who have done this two days course receive a Tour Management Certificate and a special Badge with golden edges, showing the difference between an Active IATM TM/TG and a certified TM/TG.

The 2 days courses will be organised within the different regions in consultation between the regions and IVOR. Trainers are able to travel to all regions world-wide to provide the training to obtain the CTM. This said, IVOR also provides training for future Tour Managers/Tour Guides, if you are new to the profession and interested in a career as Tour Manager/Tour Guide, you can contact IVOR

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